3 Day Pilanesberg National Park

Self-drive Tour

Red Africa Safaris -African Elephant Bull - Pilanesberg National Park

Perfect for when you are visiting South Africa for business and want to slip away for a quick break to see Africa's wildlife.

Less than 3 hours from Johannesburg you'll have the chance to see Africa’s Big 5 (Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino and Buffalo). Relax in the African sun at the Valley of the Waves and visit the fascinating Lost city. Visit Waterholes, Lookout Points, Bird hides and Historical sites. Also the perfect place for Bird lovers to visit. Pilanesberg Park is a Malaria free area.

Pilanesberg National Park

The Pilanesberg Nature Reserve, is located in the North West Province of South Africa and the park borders the entertainment complex of Sun City. The Pilanesberg Alkaline Ring Complex is the park’s main geological feature.

This vast circular geological feature is ancient even by geological standards as it is the crater of a long extinct volcano and the result of eruptions some 1,200 million years ago. It is one of the largest volcanic complexes of its type in the world.

The park has a rich array of southern African wildlife including the BigFive, the five most dangerous game animals in Africa. Over 360 bird species were counted. The Park is Malaria free.

Sun City /Lost City has a luxury casino, resort (Valley of the waves)and entertainment complex . The Lost City, complete with the 'Shrine of the Sacred Monkey', ruins of old temples, ancient carvings, grottos - an illusion of some idyllic ancient civilization rediscovered.

The main attraction at the Valley of Waves is the Roaring Lagoon – a 6,500 square metre wave pool with hydraulic mechanisms that generate waves of up to 1.8 metres every 90 seconds.

 Tour Information

 Day 1

Generally our guided tours start at 06h00 AM to increase your viewing chances, but departure times are up to you. Snacks and beverages can be bought along the way. The scenic drive to Pilanesberg takes about 2 and a half hours. You can enter the Park through the KwaMaritane Gate and make your way to Pilanesberg centre where you can enjoy a light meal. The large, open deck area at the front of the Centre boasts panoramic views across the plains and rolling hills of the Park and wildlife such as blue wildebeest and zebra graze peacefully just a few meters away.

 You can also stop at one of the hides next to the Mankwe Dam, one of the Park’s best viewing areas. Be on the look out for Water birds, animals having a drink at the water's edge and also see if you can spot some Hippo and Crocodile.

 Afterwards you can make your way to the Resort where you can settle in and relax until dinner, served at the restaurant. Enjoy the cool African night, listening to the night sounds.

 Day 2

Enjoy breakfast at 07h00. After breakfast at about 08h00 you can depart and make your way to the Lost City, here you can explore the City’s exciting entertainment facilities, shops and much more for the rest of the day. You’ll be able to buy lunch from a wide selection of restaurants. At about 15h00 you can depart and head back to the Resort where you can relax or cool off at the swimming pool until dinner.

Or if you would like to do so, you could continue with your Safari inside the Park and search for Africa's Big 5. There's a lot of Bird hides and lookout points inside Pilanesberg National Park that you could stop at and get out of your vehicle. Pilanesberg also has about 15 Historical sites that you could visit such as the very interesting site that the Batswana people inhabited during the Iron Age. Afterwards head back to the Resort where you can relax until dinner

 Day 3

At 05h30 you can take an early morning drive and see if you can spot some animals that eluded you the previous days. After your morning drive you can enjoy breakfast at the Restaurant served from 07h00 until 09h00.

 Depart after breakfast and take a last drive through the Park. The drive back to your specified destination only takes about 2 and a half hours. There's comfortable stops on the way to stretch your legs and to buy some snacks and beverages.

 Arrive at destination early afternoon. If there's time, you could also visit the famous Lion Park, situated in Johannesburg on the way from Pilanesberg back to O.R tambo Airport and get up close to Africa's predators.

 Please note - Although we provide a planned itinerary, its up to you, that's what makes a Self-drive Tour so fun and easy. You can decide how your day must go, we just provide suggestions and all the information you will need during your stay such as what to pack, Information about South Africa, Routes, links, maps etc.